Screening Media
Top-quality screen constructions trusted for their incomparable wear life, and minimal maintenance.
Rubber screens have for years proven to be very effective in combating wear. Generally our rubber screens out wear wire cloth 15 times longer. In addition to the superior wear-life, rubber screens substantially reduce noise levels. Compared to perforated steel plate, noise level reductions of up to 500% are common.
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Screening Media

Molded-rubber screen decks and panels from Corrosion Engineering have proven to be incredibly wear-resistant over the years—outperforming the wear life of steel, wire cloth, and urethane by up to 15 times or more. New technology developed by Corrosion Engineering now adds a totally new dimension to rubber screens, offering in addition to superior wear-life and effective noise reduction, dramatically improved screening efficiencies. Production levels are now on a par with or exceed previous levels of production obtained by the conventional woven wire or perforated steel plate.

Featured Product CorroSteel™ Scalping Screens

When the service is demanding, such as scalping and heavy duty screening where additional structural support is required, the CorroSteel screen panel is the answer. CorroSteel panels are designed for applications with severe impact, extreme loading conditions and exceptional support requirements.

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Screen Media Technology

Because of the varied conditions that exist in screening operations today, we have developed a variety of different reinforced constructions of rubber screens which freely allows us the opportunity to custom design the product to meet the overall needs of the application.

Regardless of the type of screen, two factors remain constant: fully molded and molded tapered openings. With this method of design, we can offer screens manufactured with thick rubber, without sacrifice to screening efficiency.



A standard in the industry, CorroCable panels are molded in tension with high strength steel cables. Flex-gap construction provides flexibility with strength. Molded tapered openings prevent plugging common in punched panels.

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CorroFlex screen panels offers the flexibility of a CorroCable screen on flat, bolt-down decks. Our custom manufacturing process allows for unique characteristics of the application to be accounted for in the design.

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CorroSteel screen panels are custom designed for applications with severe impact, extreme loading conditions or inadequate support for cable screen panels. Users experience a dramatic noise reduction over standard steel screens, and exceptional wear life improvements.

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Modular Screens

Easy to install, Corrosion Engineering’s modular screen panels give superior impact performance vs. urethane panels. These panels are available in many panel sizes, to fit most systems.

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Scalping & Grizzly Decks

Custom designed to fit existing supports, our durable grizzly bars have a double tapered design that reduces plugging and increases production.

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This image is a close-up of a CorroCube ceramic/rubber screen from Corrosion Engineering. These screens are ideal for severe screening applications involving abrasion, impact, and wear.

Ceramic Hybrid Screens

In extreme screening conditions, Corrosion Engineering custom designs rubber/ceramic hybrid screens that provide maximum wear resistance and service life.

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Trommel Screens

Corrosion Engineering’s trommel screens for grinding mills and scrubbers are high-performance, cost-effective solutions for separating product and oversize materials. These screens significantly improve the efficiency and availability of the operation while reducing damage to downstream equipment.

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Finest-Quality Engineered Rubber

All Corrosion Engineering rubber screens are made from the finest quality custom-blended rubber, which is continually tested to meet exacting standards, and engineered specifically for maximum wear resistance.

Other additives which can be blended (not sprayed, etc.) into our rubber screens include molybdenum to reduce build-up and blinding, ultra-violet and ozone resistant compounds, and flame retardant compounds.


Our Rubber Screens and Grizzlies are available in a variety of constructions for all applications and offer the following advantages:

  • Maximized Wear Life: Generally, our screens last over 10 times longer than common wire screens.
  • Economical: Our cost-effective rubber screens actually cost less than the steel and urethane required for the same amount of screening.
  • Noise Reduction: Noise levels up to 50% lower compared to steel screens and grizzlies.
  • Less down time: Over 10 times the wear life means fewer shut downs and labor to change out screens. Our molded rubber screens are lightweight and easy to install.
  • Less blinding and pegging: The resiliency, and custom blending of our rubber and tapered holes greatly reduce blinding problems.
  • Made for all applications: Made for any size material from 1/4″ diameter for sand & fines to 8″ diameter for scalping screens. Openings may be round, square or slotted and in-line or staggered.

Non-blinding screen panels

In 1980, Corrosion Engineering conducted research and development into the possible introduction of molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) into rubber compounds to reduce the friction between material and screen panels or wear liners and reduce the build-up and blinding.

Upon completion of our R&D it was clearly evident that our natural rubber compounds with MOS2 added had the following benefits compared to the same compound without MOS2:

  • Dramatic reduction of the co-efficient of friction
  • Significant increase in the flex life of rubber by approximately 200%
  • Tensile strength increased 15%
  • Increase in elongation percentages of 13%

We now have screen panels with MOS2 added to the rubber compounds operating in applications where the moisture content is high and blinding has been of major concern in the past. Once installed, blinding is eliminated and screening efficiency vastly improved.

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