Scalping & Grizzly Decks
Optimum screening and wear performance for heavy-duty scalping.
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Scalping & Grizzly Decks

Due to the extreme conditions often associated with scalping, notably large material sizes, high tonnage and substantial drop heights, scalping decks require heavy-duty systems to resist severe wear and noise pollution. Corrosion Engineering scalping decks are engineered to offer strong resistance against the constant beating of large, high velocity materials to provide optimized operating life, efficiency, safety, and reduced noise pollution.

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Superior Performance

Corrosion Engineering wear-resistant rubber compounds offer excellent wear performance, durability, and economy. Our grizzly bars outperform conventional alternatives such as steel in every aspect of operation, including abrasion and impact resistance, efficiency, and safety. By incorporating our application-specific rubber formulas with our custom engineered designs, we offer a range of scalping and grizzly solutions that perform favorably in every individual application.

Better Efficiency

In addition to being highly wear resistant, our scalping and grizzly decks are designed for high efficiency, with features to resist blinding, eliminate pegging with a dual-tapered design and increase the ability to shed fines to prevent them from re-entering and damaging the crusher.

Improved Safety

Corrosion Engineering scalping and grizzly decks improve worker safety and reduce noise pollution substantially, with up to 500% reduced noise compared to steel alternatives.


All Corrosion grizzly bars are available with various mounting methods, each of which allows fast and effective installation. The custom design features offer increased life and therefore greatly reduced downtime and maintenance requirements. Our custom design capabilities enables us to manufacture grizzly bar arrangements that will accommodate any opening size requirement.

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