Patents and Trademarks
Over 40 international patents and dozens of trademarks.

Patents and Trademarks

Corrosion Engineering’s history of mining and material handling innovation is embodied in its intellectual property, which includes over 40 international patents and dozens of trademarks.

This website contains products, technologies, images, subject matter, valuable assets and other materials that are subject to copyrights, intellectual property rights, and other rights reserved by Corrosion Engineering, Inc.

Corrosion Engineering’s logo and the names of Corrosion Engineering’s products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corrosion Engineering, Inc. Use of trademarks without authorization may be subject to trademark law violations. Corrosion Engineering may own trademarks that are not listed below.

Registered Trademarks

CorroCube® Ceramic Wear Liner
CorroTile® Ceramic Wear Liner
HI-PRO® High-Efficiency Screens and Wear Liners
MagCube® Magnetic Wear Liner
SURESEAL® Conveyor Dust Seal
VibraCube® Vibrating Inflatable Ceramic Liner


CORREX™ Rubber
CorroCable™ Cable Screen
CorroCeramic™ Ceramic Wear Liners
CorroFlex™ Cable Screen
CorroPlate™ Rubber Wear Liner
CorroSteel™ Steel-Backed Screen
DynaVibe™ Vibrating Inflatable Liner
G-Series™ Ceramic
MagLiner™  Magnetic Wear Liner
MagPatch™ Magnetic Patch Liner
MagTile™ Magnetic Wear Liner
SUPERPIPE™ Ceramic-Lined Pipes


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