Screening Media
Top-quality screen constructions trusted for their incomparable wear life, and minimal maintenance.
New technology developed by Corrosion Engineering now adds a completely new dimension to rubber screens, offering in addition to superior wear-life and effective noise reduction, dramatically improved screening efficiencies.
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Screening Media Advanced Screening Solutions for Optimal Screening Performance

Molded-rubber screen decks and panels from Corrosion Engineering have proven to be incredibly wear-resistant over the years—outperforming the wear life of steel, wire cloth, and urethane by up to 15 times or more. In addition, our rubber screen decks and panels reduce operating noise levels by up to 500% compared to steel and maximize efficiency with minimized pegging and blinding. Plus, as with all of our products, our rubber screen decks and panels are custom-tailored to your specific application requirements for optimal wear performance, capacity, and efficiency.

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A standard in the industry, CorroCable screen panels are molded in tension with high-strength steel cables for maximized flexibility, effective open area, and reduced weight.

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CorroFlex screen panels are molded in tension with high-strength steel cables on flat, bolt-down decks. This construction provides balanced levels of strength and flexibility.

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CorroSteel screen panels are designed for applications with severe impact, extreme loading conditions, and exceptional support requirements. These screens feature a full steel backing plate for extra rigidity and resistance to deformation.

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Modular Screens

Modular screen panels are lightweight and easy to install. In addition to easy installation, these screens provide superior impact and wear performance compared to urethane and steel panels.

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Scalping & Grizzly Decks

Corrosion Engineering molded rubber scalping and grizzly decks are custom-designed to fit existing supports. Our grizzly bars are quieter and lighter while lasting longer with less maintenance than steel or alloy alternatives.

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This image is a close-up of a CorroCube ceramic/rubber screen from Corrosion Engineering. These screens are ideal for severe screening applications involving abrasion, impact, and wear.

Ceramic Hybrid Screens

In extreme screening conditions, Corrosion Engineering custom designs rubber/ceramic hybrid screens that provide maximum wear resistance and service life.

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Trommel Screens

Corrosion Engineering’s trommel screens for grinding mills and scrubbers are high-performance, cost-effective solutions for separating product and oversize materials. These screens significantly improve the efficiency and availability of the operation while reducing damage to downstream equipment.

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