CorroCable Pre-Tensioned Steel Cable Rubber Screen Panels

CorroCable steel cable screen panels are tensioned prior to molding with one of Corrosion Engineering’s proprietary rubber compounds. The use of steel cable reinforcement maximizes open area, while reducing the weight of the screen deck. Steel cable reinforced screens do not stretch.

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Wide Range of Apertures

All apertures are tapered to minimize plugging.  To maximize the range of applications, CorroCable screens are available with both square and slotted openings.  Square opening size ranges from 1/8” through 7 ¾”, with slotted openings ranging from 1/8” x ½” through 3” x 6”.  Screen thickness at the location of apertures ranges from ¾” to 3½”, depending on aperture size.

Patented Hi-Pro Slots

CorroCable screens are also available with Corrosion Engineering’s proprietary Hi-Pro slotted openings with sizes ranging from 5/16” x 11/16” through 2” x 6”.  Thickness at the apertures range from ¾” to 2 ½”, depending on slot size.

Maximized Open Area

The use of steel cable reinforcement maximizes open area, an issue with other manufacturer’s rubber screens.  Our steel cables are encapsulated in our proprietary rubber compounds  to provide long life, durability, and increased productivity.  The ends of the pre-tensioned cables are securely fastened to the side clamps to eliminate the possibility of losing tension.


  • Greater wear life for reduced total costs
  • No stretching
  • Reduced plugging & blinding
  • Increased stratification

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