First-class trommel and trommel screens that offer maximum wear life and efficiency.
Corrosion Engineering Trommels & Trommel Screens are engineered components, custom-designed for your unique application. Trommel Screens can be designed with our various screen constructions, and incorporate advanced rubber compounds and aperture technology for high wear life and optimized efficiency.
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Trommels & Trommel Screens

An efficient trommel begins with effective, high-capacity screening. Corrosion Engineering trommel screen panels offer exceptional durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness for separating product and oversize. Our trommels and trommel panels optimize the efficiency and availability of the screening operation while reducing damage to downstream equipment.

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Features & Benefits

Custom Trommels & Trommel Panels

Corrosion Engineering trommels and trommel panels are custom tailored to every individual application to suit the operating conditions and characteristics of the circuit. In addition to designing and fabricating trommel panels to existing trommel frames, we can also custom design and fabricate trommel frames that are rubber-protected for maximized life and with engineered load supports to prevent stresses on the structure.

Optimal Performance

With a variety of proprietary rubber compounds and decades of industry expertise, Corrosion Engineering can fabricate trommels and trommel panels that offer extreme cost-effectiveness with more than 15 times the life of steel trommel panels. Our application-specific rubber compounds ensure long life with abrasion and tear resistance, performance in chemically aggressive environments, and superior bond strength.

Greater Capacity & Throughput

In addition to our wide range of apertures, Corrosion Engineering can fit trommel screen panels with our patented Hi-Pro apertures that measurably increase screening capacity. We can engineer our trommel panels with the same technology found in our CorroCable, CorroFlex, and CorroSteel screens. Our trommel screens have molded tapered openings to minimize plugging and blinding, a common problem in punched steel screens.

Two-Product and Three-Product Designs

Corrosion Engineering has the ability to create unique two-product and three-product trommel and trommel panel designs for applications where a variety of sizes must be separated as well as the lined chutes and launders to work with them.


Corrosion Engineering’s trommels and trommel panels are ideal for ball mills, sag mills, and rotary scrubbers.

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