Magnetic Lining Systems
An easily maintainable solution that eliminates the need to affix an attachment system or drill holes in equipment.
Magnetic Wear Liners are a high-performance alternative to traditional bolt-in liners. Manufactured with our proprietary energy-absorbing rubber compounds and wear-resistant ceramics, MagLiners offer phenomenal wear resistance with easy and reliable magnetic installation.
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Magnetic Lining Systems

Requiring no bolts, magnetic lining systems consist of high-strength magnets bonded within a high-performance matrix of our abrasion-resistant rubber compounds. Magnetic boltless wear liners were originally conceived to be placed outside chute walls to plug unexpected holes. Nonetheless, they have become an effective alternative in particular applications where bolting or other attachment methods aren’t feasible.

Featured Product MagPatch™ Magnetic Patch Liners

When unexpected holes develop in equipment, MagPatch™ is simply placed over the location of the hole to stop ore spillage and prevent further damage to infrastructure by providing a hard-wearing physical barrier against further parent metal damage.

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Magnetic Liner Advantages

Advantages of our magnetic wear liners include:

  • No fabrication penetration required No bolting, no clamping, no welding, no adhesives
  • Reliable, high-strength magnets Strategically designed array of magnets to achieve highest pull strength
  • Easy to install, fast installation Simply slap the magnetic liner against the wall of the chute, bin, hopper, etc.
  • High-performance materials offering long life, and superior resistance to cutting, tearing, impact and abrasion
  • Material on material The magnets will attract a small layer of material on the surface of the liner to extend wear life



MagCube® & MagTile®

MagCube and MagTile are magnetic ceramic wear liners that offer the same superior wear resistance of CorroCube and CorroTile but with easy magnetic installation.

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MagPatch is a magnetic patch liner that is a simple yet powerful solution for quick, temporary repairs to holed or damaged material handling equipment.

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