CorroSteel rubber screens provide excellent performance in high impact and high wear scalping applications.
CorroSteel screen panels use advanced rubber and high-strength steel to offer a high performance, heavy duty screening solution designed for your most difficult scalping applications. This screen performs extremely well when installed in high impact, severely abrasive scalping decks.
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CorroSteel Steel-Backed Screens for Heavy-Duty Scalping

When the service is demanding, such as scalping and heavy duty screening where additional structural support is required, the CorroSteel screen panel is the answer. CorroSteel panels are designed for applications with severe impact, extreme loading conditions and exceptional support requirements. CorroSteel screens feature a full steel backing plate for extra rigidity and resistance to deformation. CorroSteel screens can be custom designed and configured for unique applications, when required.

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Features & Benefits

Exceptional Wear Resistance

CorroSteel screen panels give superior impact and wear performance compared to alternative rubber and urethane screens in the same applications. The CorroSteel construction provides the additional structural integrity required for heavy duty scalping applications. The rubber compounds from which CorroSteel screens are manufactured are high tensile, high elongation compounds that provide leading impact and abrasion resistance in mineral processing applications. Rubber compounds are specifically developed and selected for:

  • Abrasion and tear resistance, energy absorption and adhesion to steel reinforcement
  • Performance in the abrasive and chemically aggressive environments associated with the mining and metallurgical process industries
  • A long history of successful application in scalping screen service

Wide Range of Applications

CorroSteel screen panels are custom designed and manufactured for your unique application. All apertures are tapered to minimize plugging. To maximize the range of applications to which CorroSteel screens can be applied, they are available with round, square and slotted openings. Round opening sizes range from ½” through 9”, square opening size range from 1-1/2” through 11”, with slotted openings ranging from 7/16” x 1-5/8” through 3” x 6”. Screen thickness at the location of the apertures ranges from 5/8” to 4”, depending on aperture size.

CorroSteel screens can also be rolled to fit in rotary trommel frames.

Ideal applications for CorroSteel include Scalping, and Large Particle Screening.


The advantages of the CorroSteel screen construction include Steel reinforced design, Supports heavy loads, Reduced plugging & blinding, Proprietary rubber compounds for long life and optimal screen efficiency, Exceptional support compared to conventional cable screen panels, Great impact resistance, and more.

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