Ceramic Hybrid Screens
The ideal screen for highly aggressive screening applications.
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Ceramic Hybrid Screens Ceramic-Reinforced Rubber Screens that Offer Superior Wear Performance

When screening applications are in the presence of aggressive conditions, such as extreme impact and abrasion, ceramic elements are incorporated into the rubber screen design to improve the overall screening operation in terms of wear life, safety, availability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Ceramic hybrid screens from Corrosion Engineering are generally constructed with a modular design for ease of installation and typically deliver up to 30 times the life of conventional steel screens.

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Advanced Protection

Ceramic hybrid screens consist of Corrosion Engineering’s advanced CorroCube and/or CorroCylinder ceramic elements to provide exceptional resistance to corrosion, wear, impact, and sliding abrasion. Ceramic hybrid screen panels are designed to resist extreme impact, abrasion, and heavy loads while maintaining exceptional screening efficiency provided by our advanced abrasion-resistant rubber compounds, molded tapered openings to prevent plugging, and our proprietary Hi-Pro slot.

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