Ultimate strength and wear-resistance for extreme screening applications.
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CorroSteel Steel-Backed Screens for Heavy-Duty Scalping

CorroSteel screen panels are designed with tailor-made wear resistant rubber compounds hot vulcanized to a maximum strength steel support frame to offer exceptional strength, performance and wear life in extreme scalping applications.

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Extreme Support

Designed to fit any existing structure and operation, CorroSteel is ideal for screening applications with severe impact, extreme loading conditions or applications requiring extensive support.

Maximum Life

CorroSteel incorporates highly wear-resistant rubber compounds specific to the application and together with a robust steel frame creates the ideal composition that maximizes wear life in heavy-duty scalping applications.

Performance Engineered

CorroSteel is engineered with molded tapered openings to prevent plugging and pegging common in other screens. In specific applications, CorroSteel can be customized with special rubber compounds that eliminate blinding for maximized screening efficiency.


With thousands of aperture options and custom-designed to your needs, CorroSteel is the ideal screen for your extreme scalping operations.

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