Optimized efficiency and tensioned durability for crown deck applications.
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CorroCable Tensioned Cable Screens for Fine to Coarse Screening

CorroCable screen panels are tensioned prior to molding with high-strength aircraft cables between hooks. The tensioned cables are encapsulated in rubber custom-developed to your needs to provide high performance and cost-effectiveness for a broad range of crown deck screening applications.

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Flexible Screening

CorroCable’s unique cable construction provides high flexibility to optimize efficiency. The engineered design ensures maximized effective open area with minimized blinding, plugging, and extremely accurate sizing and separations with more movement between the apertures.

Long Life & Noise Reduction

In addition to the shock absorption of CorroCable rubber compounds, the cable construction absorbs a significant amount of shock to provide longer life as well as considerable noise reductions of up to 500%.

Accurate Tension

CorroCable incorporates extremely strong tension hooks that maintain the proper tension throughout the entirety of the screen without the need for adjustment. Our tension hooks coupled with our heavy-duty crown rubber provides accurate and consistent tension throughout the life of the screen. Our rubber compounds are reinforced with polyester fibers to prevent excessive elongation.

No Modification Required

CorroCable is custom-designed to your specifications and tailor-made for maximum performance. Your screen is custom-made to fit any tension, and your current support system does not require modification.

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