High-performing rubber and steel-backed wear liners.
Engineered rubber and steel-backed wear plates manufactured with the highest performing rubber compounds in the industry offer outstanding abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance for moderate wear applications.
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CorroPlate Steel-Backed Rubber Wear Liners

CorroPlate engineered rubber wear liners are economical, high-performing, general-purpose wear protectants for fixed plant mining and aggregate applications. CorroPlate has the ideal characteristics to absorb shock and impact and significantly outperforms conventional steel. With CorroPlate, you can expect increases in service life for your equipment, improved safety, and reduced operating costs.

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Ideal Composition

CorroPlate consists of proprietary, wear-resistant rubber hot vulcanized to a reinforced steel backing plate. Our proprietary manufacturing processes ensure an exceptional bond strength of all liner components, resulting in a liner with greater wear resistance that provides durable and predictable wear through the entire depth of the wear material.

Impressive Performance

CorroPlate’s superior characteristics offer high performance and great shock absorption to reduce parent metal fatigue, increase wear life and abrasion resistance, and decrease maintenance for moderately severe wear applications. CorroPlate is extremely cost-effective compared to alternative wear lining materials, such as abrasion-resistant steel, Ni-Hard, manganese, and many others.


CorroPlate can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes with the ability to provide high resistance to wear for tanks, sumps, chutes, hoppers, launders, and a variety of other wear applications.

Safer Environments

The ideal compounds used to manufacture CorroPlate provide extreme energy absorption and reduce sound and vibrations dramatically, effectively creating safer working environments.

Ideal Applications

CorroPlate is ideal for general purpose wear applications with light to moderate wear and abrasion. These lining systems are custom-designed and manufactured to your specific requirements and specifications for maximum performance and reliability.

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