Crusher Wear Parts
Custom, high-performance rubber Crusher Wear Parts for your vital crushing assets.
These engineered rubber wear parts are designed to ensure optimal distribution of material and protection of your essential crushing assets. Available crusher wear parts include cone and hopper assemblies, feed distribution plates, main frame liners, and feed tubes.
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Crusher Wear Parts

Corrosion Engineering’s custom-designed crusher parts include cone and hopper assemblies, feed distribution plates, main frame liners, and feed tubes. All components are lined with impact and abrasion-resistant rubber to offer superior wear life. Our crusher parts have proven to reduce the cost-per-processed-ton as compared to conventional steel parts in the same applications.

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Features & Benefits


Corrosion Engineering’s crusher parts offer leading performance. They are molded with the highest quality rubber compounds, providing excellent wear, abrasion, impact, and tear resistance. Our unique designs considerably improve service life, safety, installation, and cost-effectiveness. Distribution plates and cones are designed to be easily replaceable.

Improved Safety

Dramatic noise reduction characteristics are obtained, especially when feed cones and hoppers are used in combination with rubber feed plates and main frame liners. Noise level reductions of up to 600% have been recorded.

Custom Designed

All crusher wear parts are custom-designed to exceed demands required of the customer and can be manufactured with extended hoppers and inspection or access doors. In many applications, CorroCeramics are incorporated into the design for even greater wear life without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

Ease of Installation

Because Corrosion Engineering crusher wear parts are considerably lighter than conventional steel parts, they are much easier to handle, and installation time is greatly reduced. They are manufactured with heavy-duty lifting eyes for ease of installation.

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