Pipe Lining Systems
Engineered abrasion and corrosion resistance for aggressive slurry pipeline applications.
Corrosion Engineering is a leader in providing innovatively engineered wear-resistant piping systems to the mining and mineral processing industries handling abrasive slurries.
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Pipe Lining Systems Modern Pipeline Technologies

Corrosion Engineering rubber and ceramic-lined pipe systems utilize proprietary pipe lining technologies to provide unmatched levels of resistance to severe wear, abrasion, corrosion, and erosion of cyclones, tanks, pipe spools, bends, and associated fittings. Our custom-engineered wear and abrasion resistant pipe systems are cost-effective solutions that offer wear resistance, increased reliability and production stability, and reduced maintenance for highly abrasive and chemically aggressive slurries.

Rubber & Ceramic-Lined Pipes

Corrosion Engineering designs and manufactures piping systems and components that dramatically increase service life. Superior bonding and proprietary rubber blends ensure ultimate reliability.

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SUPERPIPE is comprised of ceramic tube inserts to offer a smooth, durable ceramic lining that reduces pumping cost and ensures tube-to-tube concentricity.

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Ceramic Chokes & Orifices

Corrosion Engineering ceramic-lined chokes and orifices are specifically designed for extreme slurry applications. These chokes and orifices are highly resistant to corrosion and 20 times more wear resistant than steel.

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