Ceramic Chokes & Orifices
Chokes and orifice plates that offer leading resistance to high wear, abrasion, and erosion.
Corrosion Engineering ceramic chokes & orifices are the ideal wear-resistant solution for pipeline applications requiring precise measurement of volumetric rate or predictable, smooth, cavitation-free pressure reduction.
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Ceramic Chokes & Orifices

For pipeline applications requiring precise measurement of volumetric rate or predictable, smooth, cavitation-free pressure reduction, Corrosion Engineering offers unique and customized ceramic orifice and choke systems that are up to 30 times more wear resistant than traditional stainless steel chokes and orifices.

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Features & Benefits

Wear & Chemical Resistance

Corrosion Engineering’s premium ceramic inserts for chokes and orifice plates provide leading resistance to high wear, abrasion, and erosion without the brittleness typically associated with traditional ceramics. They therefore provide reliable long-term service without any required maintenance. Our rubber and ceramic materials are custom-designed for resistance against chemicals such as acids, hydrocarbons, and alkalis.

Engineered for Tough Applications

Our ceramic orifices and chokes feature a fabricated steel housing that installs between pipe flanges to securely support the ceramic flow element using a tough, high-adhesion natural and synthetic rubber compound specifically selected for the operating environment. Our housings can be configured to fit between flanges of any specification, and are available in stainless steel when required.

Advanced Materials & Design

Corrosion Engineering’s fine-grained, high Alumina content ceramic offers the best abrasion resistance of any commercial material in metallurgical slurry applications. Corrosion Engineering can choose from a variety of ceramic bodies to find the material with the best properties for each application. To ensure the highest density and dimensional accuracy, the ceramic material is isostatically pressed before machining and firing. The result is a dense, abrasion-resistant, and dimensionally accurate orifice or choke.


Corrosion Engineering’s proprietary rubber compounds offer high rubber-hydrocarbon content for wear and cut resistance, while absorbing energy that might crack the ceramic material in systems using more rigid bonding technology.

Sharp Edge, Rounded Entry, Long Radius, or ISA 1932

Some of our customers have an engineering company or hydraulic specialist provide the sizing and detail dimensions of the orifice or choke. When this information is not available, Corrosion Engineering can select the most appropriate configuration for the application and determine the dimensions using the correct ISO sizing criteria.

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