The long-term innovative lining solution to eliminating problematic sticky material build-up in chutes and other transfer applications.
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DynaVibe Rubber Inflatable Liners

Corrosion Engineering’s Dynamic Inflatable Lining Systems target the operational issues associated with material build-up and blockage that cause production loss and costly downtime. Corrosion Engineering offers dependable, performance-effective solutions to problems of chute blockage caused by abrasive, sticky, fine and cohesive materials while also increasing the wear life of new or existing applications.

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Proven History of Performance

For the past 3 decades, our inflatable technology has saved our customers tens of millions of dollars in production and maintenance costs. Comprising our proprietary high tensile strength molybdenum rubber complexes, our Dynamic Inflatables are custom-designed and account for every aspect of the application for optimal performance.

Superior Rubber

Unlike low-friction non-metallic alternatives, Corrosion Engineering inflatable linings feature high performance abrasion resistant rubber to minimize wear and extend equipment and process availability. In addition to eliminating build-up, our dynamic inflatables are easily controlled by our state-of-the-art control systems.

Dynamic Vibrating Inflation

Corrosion Engineering’s inflatable lining systems are offered with a customized automated control system featuring a programmable logic controller for easy and accurate automation of each individual liner. Control terminals are provided to permit connection of the control system to the main plant control and monitoring system, if desired. Our state-of-the-art control system delivers air at the proper pressure and volume while providing high-frequency pressure pulses to dislodge sticky, cohesive materials effectively. For multiple liners running simultaneously, each liner can be given its own unique configuration, with customized pulse frequency, cycle time, on-time, and off-time.


  • Eliminates problems of build-up of materials and plugging of chutes
  • Provides wear protection in aggressive environments
  • Increases productivity, and reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Dynamically controlled wear surface via state-of-the-art control system
  • High frequency vibration to encourage material movement while liner fully inflated
  • Customizable pressure regulators
  • Cost-effective warranty
  • Custom engineered incorporating proprietary rubber for maximum performance


  • Conveyor transfer chutes
  • Vibrating pan feeders
  • Feed & discharge chutes
  • Crusher collection chutes
  • Gyratory pockets
  • Grizzly undersize chutes
  • Apron feeder dribble chutes
  • Haul truck lining
  • Vibrating stockpile feeders
  • Dribble walls

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