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SURESEAL Dust Seals Engineered Rubber Skirting

Excessive dust and fines increase cleanup costs and can jeopardize a safe working environment. SURESEAL conveyor dust seals are extremely effective in containing dust and fines from escaping the belt area, helping you reduce cleanup costs and improve your working environment.

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Innovatively Engineered

SURESEAL dust seals are manufactured using proprietary application-specific rubber formulas, incorporating specific compounds that reduce the coefficient of friction for minimized wear and risk of belt damage.

Unique Design

The SURESEAL design combines triple contact surfaces and a beveled edge to contain dust and fines reliably. Our highly wear-resistant rubber allows for our dust seals to have very long life.

Simple Attachment

SURESEAL’s robust clamping system is simple and easy-to-use, and engineered to ensure secure clamping of the dust seals to the conveyor skirt.

Dual System

Coupling our skirtboard liners and SURESEAL creates the ideal system for protecting conveyors and eliminating fugitive dust to improve environmental conditions around conveyors.

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