Fast, easy, and reliable repair of conveyor belts and components.
RubbaFIX is an innovative rubber repair product that allows you to to repair rubber surfaces quickly and easily, without lengthy downtime.
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RubbaFIX Rubber Repair Compounds & Applicators

RubbaFIX is a rubber repair compound that utilizes thermal technology to repair conveyor belts, rubber linings, and other elastomers. Field-proven to outperform alternative repair products, RubbaFIX is specifically designed for reliable and easy repair of damaged industrial rubber components.

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Features & Benefits

Rapid Repair

When damage occurs to conveyor belts and other rubber surfaces, RubbaFIX allows you to repair rubber surfaces quickly and easily, without lengthy downtime. RubbaFIX does not require primers and will reliably sustain a consistent durometer throughout the life of the rubber.

Easy Application

RubbaFIX puts you back into operation sooner. RubbaFIX is easily applied to any rubber surface using MELTA applicators and has a cure time of 30 minutes. We are dedicated to providing easy application and operation instructions, tools, and support.


With RubbaFIX, we offer two different high-performance applicators. The MELTA minigun is a lightweight, easy-to-use, high-performance heat applicator that is effective for applying RubbaFIX to small surfaces. Our heavier-duty option, the MELTA Pro, is a high-flow mechanical pump that feeds RubbaFIX through a heated hose to the applicator gun to repair large rubber surfaces reliably.

Outperforms Alternatives

Independent tests have shown that RubbaFIX greatly outperforms alternative two-part rubber repair products, with superior bonding and adhesive capacity of up to 30% stronger on rubber, metal, and fabric surfaces.

Constant Research & Development

RubbaFIX is an innovative leader in rubber repair products. A specialized research and development team continually enhances and refines RubbaFIX so that our customers continue to be at the leading edge of their industry.

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