Agglomerating Drum Lining Systems
Protect agglomerating drums from corrosion, wear, and expensive maintenance.
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Agglomerating Drum Lining Systems

Agglomerating drums are expensive, heavy-duty leaching units highly important in mining and minerals processing operations. With the high costs of owning and operating agglomeration drums, it is important to protect and maximize operating life and productivity in every aspect of the operation. Corrosion Engineering has developed a unique drum lining system that minimizes maintenance shutdowns and creates the highest possible wear life for drums to reduce overall costs.

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Unique Lining System

Corrosion Engineering’s unique drum lining system combines a vulcanize-bonded protective barrier directly on the surface of the drum with replaceable wear-resistant rubber or rubber/ceramic plates and lifters. This system effectively eliminates the problem of corrosion from the highly acidic environment while providing optimal wear protection to maximize service life.

Longer Life and Faster Installation

The wear life of a conventional lining system is generally around 6 to 12 months, with 3 to 6 weeks shutdown time required to replace these linings. In comparison, Corrosion Engineering’s drum lining systems last 4 to 6 years, with 2 days maximum shutdown time required to replace.

Simplified Attachment

Corrosion Engineering has developed many unique attachment systems that do not require penetrating the drum, with all attachment accomplished from the inside. These fixing methods have been engineered dependent on the operational conditions for each particular drum. They are designed to minimize maintenance shutdowns, increase safety of installation, and extend wear life.


Thanks to the confidence placed on us by our customers, Corrosion Engineering has developed extensive experience in the lining of agglomeration drums for mining operations worldwide. Every drum we’ve lined has demonstrated superior performance in operation, and we guarantee our drum lining systems to be the most economical per processed ton on the market.

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