Ceramic Liners save hundreds of thousands for Latin American Copper Mine
Corrosion Engineering creates significant value for Customer in new Success Story.
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Ceramic Liners save hundreds of thousands for Latin American Copper Mine

Mining and aggregate companies around the world face decreased profitability from the high costs associated with the processing of mined materials. These processing operations produce extreme environments that cause major wear to vital equipment. The need to counteract these effects led to Corrosion Engineering developing the ceramic liner in 1980.

Corrosion Engineering has established a strong reputation within the mining industry by producing high quality and technologically superior solutions for customers that save money, increase productivity and equipment availability, and provide a safer working environment.

One particularly recent example has been demonstrated at a copper mine in Latin America. Corrosion Engineering has successfully installed its ceramic liners in a number of difficult applications. Premium materials and proprietary manufacturing processes combined with more than 40 years of expertise ensures that these extremely important applications perform well and increase life expectancy without the need for costly maintenance or downtime.

As part of the copper ore client’s performance optimization project, Corrosion Engineering was given the opportunity to assist with improvements to several tripper cars.

Originally, the client was using ceramic cylinder wear liners in the primary wear areas. These liners were lasting only 7 to 27 days in service. The unpredictability of the liners, in addition to the lack of service life was inadequate for the customer. The lack of performance and reliability of the ceramic cylinder liners led to increased maintenance costs and frequent unplanned production outages.

In order to combat these issues, Corrosion Engineering developed a CorroTile ceramic wear lining system that was easy to install and with a purchase price 5% lower than the alternative ceramic cylinder liners. The primary objectives of the installation was to extend the operating life of the existing tripper cars via superior wear liners, decrease the maintenance by decreasing the change of wear liners, and to increase tonnages and throughput.

In short, the upgrade to the CorroTile wear liners allowed the Latin American client to save a substantial amount of money by maximizing wear life and safety and by improving the cost efficiency by over 9 times as compared to the previous ceramic linings.

To view a detailed report of this success story, check out the case study below.


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