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With over 40 years of proven history engineering intelligent solutions to tens of thousands of difficult applications, we understand the problems you face. Our mission is to help build custom, cost-effective solutions to keep your operation running at maximum performance.

Application-Specific Evaluations

As experts in the industry, we understand every application, every time. Our products and solutions are custom-designed and manufactured to exceed the conditions of the specific application. Every aspect of the application is taken into consideration when designing. Our total custom approach to manufacturing offers many advantages to our customers in terms of safety, extended wear life, high efficiency, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness.

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Custom Product Features for any Challenge


We design every product for maximum cost-effectiveness. Since supplying our first products in 1977, we have accumulated wear life comparisons with abrasion-resistant steels, polyurethane, natural and synthetic rubbers, and ceramic/rubber liners manufactured by our competitors. With our experience, we are confident that by the time our products are removed from service, a considerable cost savings will have occurred (in comparison with other liners), Guaranteed!

Longest Wear Life

Do you need a product that you can trust in the most difficult mineral processing applications? Our products are known for achieving the best wear life available anywhere in the industry. Most competitors use cheap, inferior materials to offer cheap, inferior products. We have a better approach — the highest performing raw materials and technologies, coupled with industry leading manufacturing and design expertise allow you to achieve the highest abrasion and impact-resistant characteristics of any product available anywhere in the industry.

Improved Safety

We know that safety is your number one priority and that is why our products are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. With our products, you will observe safety improvements through:

  • Reduced noise levels;
  • Lighter weight and easier to handle/install products allowing for fewer back strains and injuries;
  • Rubber and steel edges which are not exposed, minimizing risk of finger and hand injuries;
  • Minimized spillage and fugitive dust, and less clean up around transfer areas;
  • Longer time before change-outs reducing chances for injuries and time in confined spaces.


Our 40 years of mineral processing application expertise has allowed us to develop various tools for improving the maintainability of your application. We have developed a variety of techniques and attachment methods that allow for easier installation, and removal of our products. This translates into less downtime, and less headache for your maintenance personnel.

Material Build-up & Blinding

In 1980, Corrosion Engineering conducted research and development into the possible introduction of molybdenum into rubber compounds to reduce the friction between material and screen panels or wear liners and reduce the build-up and blinding.

Upon completion of our R&D it was clearly evident that our natural rubber compounds with molybdenum added had the following benefits compared to the same compound without molybdenum:

  • Dramatic reduction of the co-efficient of friction
  • Significant increase in the flex life of rubber by approximately 200%
  • Tensile strength increased 15%
  • Increase in elongation percentages of 13%

We now have screen panels with molybdenum added to the rubber compounds operating in applications where the moisture content is high and blinding has been of major concern in the past. Once installed, blinding is eliminated and screening efficiency vastly improved.

Reduced Pegging

We have designed proprietary Hi-Pro™ slot technology that greatly improves efficiency and minimizes pegging in screening applications. The slot has a triple tapered design, and acts with the flow inertia of the material being screened, preventing material from pegging, and reducing wear to the apertures as compared to the conventional aperture.

Effective Open Area

There’s no point in measuring open area if it isn’t effective open area. We design and manufacture screen panels with properties that make sure every bit of open area is effective, meaning it performs optimally with the highest wear life, and with no plugging, blinding, or pegging, ensuring that you get maximum throughput with maximum wear life.

Material Containment

Keep material where it should be with Corrosion Engineering’s conveyor sealing systems. Our custom-engineered material containment systems can eliminate the issues caused by material spillage and fugitive dust. Our ultra-high performance skirtboard canoe liners, coupled with our SURESEAL external dust seals help to maximize wear resistance and material containment while completely blocking dust leaks.

Full Service Capabilities

Our depth of industry understanding not only includes our manufacturing and engineering capabilities, but also the operational characteristics of mining and mineral machinery and processes. We have built a strong reputation in the mining and aggregate industries for our ability to produce solutions to the most difficult of material handling problems. Extreme situations involving severe impact, heavy abrasion, plugging chutes, and blinding screens to name a few, have been overcome by our innovative engineering, manufacturing and sales teams.

We have the manufacturing capabilities of fabricating mechanical & structural steel required to manufacture chutes, hoppers, boxes and other miscellaneous materials handling fabrications. Our specialty is the fabrication of mechanical and structural steel along with the lining systems that protect it. Corrosion Engineering pre-assembles the lining system into the fabrication to simplify and expedite field installation.

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