Minimize downtime with a simple fix to material handling emergencies.
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MagPatch Innovative & Durable Magnetic Patch Liner

Operational emergencies often occur in the event of equipment leakage that involve holes in chutes, hoppers, tanks, pipes, launders and other equipment or damage to crucial applications. MagPatch is a simple yet effective solution for quick temporary repairs. When equipment wears through, simply attach a MagPatch over the hole for an instant fix.

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Eliminate Downtime

Stopping spillage has now become easier than ever with no organizational hassle and more importantly, no production downtime.

Extensive Range

MagPatch is lightweight and manufactured in a variety of sizes for flat and curved equipment. Magnetic patches can be furnished with CorroCeramics to produce the best results where material flow is particularly abrasive and impact conditions are moderate to high.

Exceptional Reliability

Extremely high-quality rubber and ceramic compounds provide exceptional reliability and strong magnetic force to prevent material from escaping damaged equipment.

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