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Advanced Engineering & Fabrication Delivering Cost-Effective Solutions for High-Throughput Operations

For decades, Corrosion Engineering has been the leader of innovation in the wear resistance industry. Our unique engineered and fabricated designs and industry expertise gives our customers significant advantages not only resulting in longer wear life, but also improved safety, increased productivity, less maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and lower costs per ton.

Tailored to YouOur Proven Process

At Corrosion Engineering, we’ve carefully constructed our process over the past 40 years to be as efficient, effective, and successful as possible. Learn more by browsing the tabs below.

Client Consultation

Our client consultation process involves helping our clients find the optimal solution to their specific issues and applications. We study performance history, application characteristics and specifications, and requirements and goals of the customer. With over 40 years of experience, we happily provide our customer’s reliable expertise and an optimal cost-effective solution to virtually any wear issue in the mining and aggregate industries. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like a free quote.

Engineer Optimal Design

Corrosion Engineering prides itself on innovative, cost-effective solutions. To maximize the performance of your application, we select from a variety of our proprietary application-specific compounds. We utilize our vast experience to create solutions that bring you the highest return on your investment.

Manufacture for Maximum Performance

We utilize proprietary production processes to produce our top-performing solutions. Every product has exceptional bond strength of all components for superior reliability. Before production, our materials are quality tested for optimal bonding, technical properties, and wear, abrasion, tear and impact resistance.

Fast Delivery

Many of our projects are needed in a rush. We work closely with our customers to ensure quick delivery and exceptional customer service. Our products are provided directly or through our network of distributors throughout the world.

After-Sales Support & Innovation

Corrosion Engineering is always here to provide outstanding value for our customers. We provide ongoing support to ensure our customers are operating at optimal efficiency. Our never-ending search for leading performance drives us to constantly develop new innovations and build solutions stronger, faster, smarter, and better.


Revolutionary SolutionsBuilt for Customer Success

With nearly 40 years of evolutionary development, our proprietary wear-resistant products are engineered with the optimum combination of structure, energy absorption, bond strength, and abrasion and impact resistance. Combining the benefits of our custom manufacturing abilities and depth of industry knowledge, we offer our customers custom, top-performing systems at competitive prices, with prompt deliveries and backed by our cost-effective warranty.


At Corrosion Engineering, we have a dedicated team of manufacturing experts who specialize in precision-fabricating our products and full custom systems from scratch. With our material expertise and our fabrication capabilities, customers count on the quality, durability, and reliability of our products, even in the toughest custom applications.

Advanced MaterialsPatented Technology

Corrosion Engineering is a trusted material science expert with decades of experience and cutting-edge proprietary formulas of rubber and ceramics. The phenomenal results we can achieve for our customers is rooted from our proprietary material technologies.

Abrasion-Resistant Rubber

Corrosion Engineering has developed multiple blends of proprietary rubber formulas engineered specifically for extreme wear applications. Each individual fabrication uses an application-specific formula, with every formula having extreme abrasion resistance, impact and noise absorption, unique flexibility, high elongation, high tensile strength, and versatility to adapt effectively to the conditions of the application.

Proprietary Advanced Ceramics

One of the hardest materials known to man, Corrosion Engineering CorroCeramic high-alumina ceramics are developed with advanced properties that make them ideal for the protection of processing components subjected to severe abrasion, impact, corrosion, and heat. Our proprietary CorroCeramics are engineered with exclusive forming and firing technologies to offer extreme strength, high fracture toughness, an extremely smooth surface for reduced friction, and excellent wear resistance to high impact and abrasion. We offer a variety of different proprietary ceramic compounds specific to each individual application.

High-Strength Steel

Many of our high-performance wear parts are reinforced with high-grade abrasion-resisting steel, stainless steel or carbon steel. Our wear-resistant steels are specifically developed for high wear performance in aggressive conditions. They are lightweight, extremely strong, impact and corrosion resistant, and have unique dimensional stability.


Our depth of industry understanding not only includes our manufacturing and engineering capabilities, but also the operational characteristics of mining and mineral machinery and processes. We have built a strong reputation in the mining and aggregate industries for our ability to produce solutions to the most difficult of material handling problems. Extreme situations involving severe impact, heavy abrasion, plugging chutes, and blinding screens to name a few, have been overcome by our innovative force.

We have the manufacturing capabilities of fabricating mechanical & structural steel required to manufacture chutes, hoppers, boxes and other miscellaneous materials handling fabrications. Our specialty is the fabrication of mechanical and structural steel along with the lining systems that protect it. Corrosion Engineering pre-assembles the lining system into the fabrication to simplify and expedite field installation.

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