Cyclone Underflow Pipes Extreme cost-effectiveness with 7 times the wear life of traditional lined piping

Project Details

  • Material: Gold Ore
  • Application: Distributor to Ball Mill - Piping
  • Material Size: <19mm
  • Location: Australia


The previous rubber lining wear material needed to be replaced every 13 weeks (lasting only 1 shutdown interval). This was unsatisfactory for the client, who also tried a Ni-Hard wear lining, lasting just 22 weeks. With the highly abrasive material, a next-generation solution needed to be engineered for this pipe to last longer without the need of unscheduled downtime.


Corrosion Engineering custom-designed and engineered a rubber and ceramic lining to be installed in the pipe with engineered ceramic tile segments bonded in rubber. This lining would be powerful against severe abrasion, wear and chemical attack.


The initial engineered ceramic system was in service for over 78 weeks (lasting over 6 shutdown intervals). Wear studies were conducted and measurements taken from the used pipes indicated that they could’ve lasted another shutdown, if required.


At present, the replacements are scheduled to occur every 7 shutdowns (91 weeks). This long-lasting solution has proved to be highly cost-effective, with conservative payback at 5 shutdowns and dramatic savings from highly reduced hazardous maintenance.

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