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CorroTile Tripper Cars Ceramic liners installed in Tripper Cars had a purchase price 5% less expensive than the previous ceramic cylinder liners and lasted over 8 times longer

Project Details

  • Material Handled: Copper Ore
  • Particle Size: 2" Minus (51mm)
  • Tonnage: 1,800 tons per hour (43,200 tons/day)
  • Application: Tripper Cars
  • Location: Chile


A Chilean Copper mine was experiencing high costs from the lack of wear life for two separate Tripper Cars. The previous lining systems consisted of liners made from molded rubber and ceramic cylinder inserts on a steel backing plate. The image shows the state of the liners removed only 27 days after installation, with the liners exhibiting extensive wear and the detachment of ceramic. The wear of some liners is so severe that the steel backing plate had worn through and into the parent metal of the equipment. This means the material has direct contact with the tripper and therefore has the possibility to directly generate a stoppage to repair the equipment.


In close consultation with the client, Corrosion Engineering designed and manufactured custom CorroTile lining systems to exceed the requirements of the customer. The primary objective of the CorroTile wear lining systems were to extend the operating life of the existing Tripper Cars via superior wear liners, decrease the downtime by decreasing the change of liners, and decrease maintenance and man hours required. Note that the shipment of the ceramic liners was 5 days after receiving the order. The installation of the lining systems were supervised by Corrosion Engineering personnel on-site and followed the indications provided by Corrosion Engineering to ensure the integrity of the products.


Corrosion Engineering personnel visited the mine regularly during scheduled maintenance intervals in order to evaluate and document the performance of the lining systems. Several images provided show the performance of the ceramic wear liners at different maintenance intervals. With ultrasonic thickness testing, it was projected after 4 months and 4.5 million tons in operation that the wear liners would last over 7 million tons and between 6 to 8 months in service.


In relation to the cost per processed ton, the Corrosion Engineering ceramic tile wear liners were over 9 times more cost-effective than the previous wear lining. The success of the ceramic liners allowed for consistent performance without the need for costly maintenance. The system eliminated human exposure to the equipment for the duration of service and therefore increased safety.

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