CorroCube Conveyor Bangboards
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CorroCube Conveyor Bangboards 5 times more cost-effective than the previous wear system, while lasting over 13.4 million tons

Project Details

  • Material: Overburden
  • Application: Conveyor and Stacker System
  • Material Size: <14in (355mm)
  • Location: United States


At a mining operation in the United States, an overburden conveyor and stacker system operating 160,000 tons per day of 14” material was experiencing extensive wear to the conveyor transfer points. Originally lined with 3/4” thick 500 brinell carbon steel plate, the average wear life was approximately 3 days, and only 480,000 tons. The lack of wear life led to unscheduled shutdowns and increased total costs.


In consultation with the client, CorroCube wear lining systems replaced the 500 brinell carbon steel plate. The CorroCube wear lining systems were developed and designed for extreme impact, maximum wear life, and simple installation.


On the bangboards of the stacker, the CorroCube lining system operated an average of 84 days without shutdown, handling over 13 million tons. The 14” material traveled into the bangboard at a speed in excess of 1,100 feet per minute.


A cost analysis was conducted to conclude that the CorroCube lining system needed only to last 2.68 million tons to prove its cost effectiveness over the original 500 brinell steel plates. The lining system proved to be 5 times more cost-effective by lasting over 13.4 million tons.

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