Haul Truck Bed Liners
Protect your fleet with reliable impact and stress resistance.
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Haul Truck Bed Liners Keeping Your Fleet Moving

Availability and protection of your fleet is critical when handling bulk materials. Unprotected trucks and steel-lined trucks often experience steel fractures and structural damage requiring hours of welding maintenance and downtime to repair, with studies indicating one hour of maintenance per 10 hours of operation. Our haul truck bed liners dramatically increase availability, decrease maintenance, and improve the productivity of your fleet.

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Superior Performance

Corrosion Engineering custom-designed haul truck bed liners are made of wear and impact-resistant high-tensile-strength rubber compounds that prevent structural damage to the box and chassis. To sustain maximum performance, we can engineer our truck bed liners with special rubber compounds that reduce carry back (buildup) of wet, sticky ore.

Longer Life

Corrosion Engineering’s haul truck bed liners generally last longer than 5 years while also being the lowest cost-per-ton to own, even in abrasive-ore-carrying applications.

Shock Absorption

Energy-absorbing rubber compounds absorb substantial impact force, sound, and vibration to reduce structural damage and noise pollution dramatically while also having the ability to perform in extreme temperatures. These liners also notably reduce driver fatigue.

Faster Installation

Compared to steel linings, Corrosion Engineering’s haul truck bed liners are installed 20 times faster. Our unique rubber truck bed liners can protect trucks of any size, heated or unheated, and can be customized with DynaVibe inflatable features, if required.

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