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Maximize longevity and minimize costs with our innovative and durable chutes and boxes.
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Chutes & Boxes Efficient & Cost-Effective Material Handling

Some of the most important pieces of equipment for bulk material handling and conveyor systems are chutes and boxes. Although everybody knows about them, they are typically the most neglected and challenging in terms of maintenance, safety, and wear. Corrosion Engineering not only manufactures durable chutes and boxes, but we also line them with innovative lining systems designed to battle the application’s various issues including wear, abrasion, noise, material buildup and plugging, spillage, dust, safety, corrosion, and more.

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Chute Design

Corrosion Engineering designs various types of chutes and boxes customized to customer specifications, designed to minimize wear to both the chute and downstream equipment. We build discharge chutes, crusher chutes, feed chutes, screen chutes, stacker chutes, and more. Corrosion Engineering’s chute systems are designed to control material flow, velocity, and trajectory based on the application’s characteristics, including material type, material size, material shape, drop height, angle of impact, belt velocity, and throughput.

Chute Lining Systems

Corrosion Engineering chute lining systems are an integral part of chutes and work to minimize wear, abrasion, noise, spillage, and material build-up. Our chute lining systems typically incorporate ceramic composite wear liners and/or steel-backed rubber wear liners which are proven to battle wear and abrasion in the most extreme wear environments. For chutes handling sticky and wet materials that cause buildup and plugging, our innovative inflatable lining systems eliminate this issue and remove high maintenance. Our chute lining systems eliminate constant maintenance, improve productivity and safety, and they are highly cost-effective compared to metallic alternatives.

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