MagCube & MagTile
Excellent wear resistance with effortless installation.
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MagCube & MagTile Magnetic Liners for Boltless Applications

MagCube and MagTile offer the same phenomenal wear resistance as CorroCube and CorroTile, combined with easy magnetic installation. These magnetic ceramic liners combine wear-resistant alumina ceramics and extremely strong ceramic magnets bonded to proprietary energy-absorbing rubber compounds.

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Easier Installation

In extreme wear applications where traditional fastening methods are inapplicable, MagCube and MagTile’s magnetic composition allows for easier installation without the need to affix an attachment system or drill holes in equipment. This benefit minimizes labor and increases safety of installation.

Advanced Ceramics

Engineered with exclusive forming and firing technologies, our superior alumina ceramics offer exceptional wear, abrasion, and chemical corrosion resistance and have the ability to outperform alternative wear materials, such as wear-resistant steel, by as much as 20 times.

Ideal Applications

These liners are particularly useful in applications where bolting or weldable wear liners are not feasible due to factors such as access limitations, leaks through holes drilled for traditional bolted liner installation (applications with high liquid content), little maintenance time available, safety constraints (rarefied gases present and dangerous or explosive environments), and expensive labor.

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