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The leading innovator of wear-protection technologies.

About Corrosion Engineering, Inc. Trusted wear-resistant products for mining & aggregates

Every day, Corrosion Engineering’s customers mine and process millions of tons of materials through complex mineral processing plants. Transporting and processing these mining and aggregate materials from giant coarse ore to sticky fines creates difficult challenges such as abrasive wear to critical equipment, material plugging, and hazardous conditions. Corrosion Engineering’s advanced wear-resistant systems and solutions protect critical mineral processing components against wear while minimizing downtime, reducing safety hazards, reducing total operating costs, and lasting longer in the most extreme conditions.

Proven Industry Leader

Over the past four decades, we have gained worldwide prestige for delivering first-class solutions that improve our customers’ material handling processes and reduce costs. Whether the challenge is severe impact, extreme abrasion, material spillage, plugging chutes, blinding screens, or any other, we have the industry knowledge, leading materials, and engineering and fabrication expertise needed to create the optimal solution that saves you money.

Advanced Materials & Fabrication Technologies

Corrosion Engineering’s spacious facilities provide customers with access to a wide range of innovative products at the highest level of quality available. Our wear technology expertise, together with our advanced proprietary materials, makes us one of the most cost-effective and innovative industrial wear protection manufacturers in the world.

Experts of Material Handling Wear Protection

Corrosion Engineering features the industry’s top force of material science, engineering, and manufacturing experts. We work closely with you with the never-ending commitment to helping you achieve your goals: minimizing costs, maximizing efficiency, increasing longevity, improving safety—the list goes on. When you choose Corrosion Engineering, you get the ideal partnership to secure sustainable profitability that can endure any challenge.

Custom-Engineering SolutionsThe Standard in Wear Protection

Corrosion Engineering is capable of producing advanced products that are specifically developed to protect and optimize all types of critical material-handling equipment in the most brutal conditions. Our executives, engineers, and sales personnel visit customers on-site to evaluate issues and gather technical data to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. Whether you need to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or improve safety, Corrosion Engineering’s custom-engineered abrasion-resistant products set the industry standard.

Great Mines deserve High Performance Products

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